Wine is truth and every wine has a story to tell. Wine can speak of the soil, of the climate, of unseen rhythms, each year a different tale. Add to that the human element, of intentions, dedication, and craft. With a gentle and patient approach to each stage in a wine’s production, there is the potential for a harmony and energy that makes the enjoyment of it all the more special.

Walgate Wines | Picturesque landscape through trees

We are committed to producing the finest wines in England. A slow and respectful winemaking process which marries both ancient and modern practices. Wines of place and integrity. From thoughtful and respectful farming, grapes are sourced from a selection of the very best growers in the southeast of England.

A focused, quality orientated selection of red, white and rosé wines in addition to a small and considered amount of traditional method sparkling. With a gentle hand on the tiller, slowly and patiently the wines evolve and settle until they reach the optimum condition for bottling and beyond that, will sit in the cellar until they are ready to be released.

Walgate Wines | Grapevines and foliage

We strive to make delicious wine and aim to do so in a way which has a positive presence, on an environmental level, but also in terms of cultural, social and economic impact. This is manifested in choices surrounding farming and wine production but also how the business operates.

Walgate & Co. Limited

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